Lacrimosa - Nachtschatten

English translation:


In the heart of the silence
In the heart of the night
How often have I asked myself
Where you might be right now
How often have I asked myself
If love is given to you right now

At a party - perhaps in Cannes
In a club - perhaps in Rome
Perhaps you spend this night quite alone
In a grand hotel in Vienna

In spirit I accompany you
And I can see you more often this way
Then they draw ever closer
The shadows from the corners
Those shadows of my solirtude
They are crawling from the walls
And they are coming to get me
And they block my view
And the room is getting larger
And inside I am growing smaller and smaller
And the silence is becoming the music of my heart
And is longing bec ome the essence of my heart
And strong is my soul
And hope is fierce
And my longing is insatiable
And my love is gentle and powerful
And she tears me from my solitude
Leads me to her!

And so I met you in Cannes
Or perhaps already in Rome
Perhaps I am the man
Who calls you when you are lonely
In a grand hotel in Vienna

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